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PAP and Billing

How much will this cost me?
Your out of pocket expense for your PAP therapy will vary by your insurance company, insurance plan and the amount of any deductible you may have remaining. Nerd Wallet has a nice primer on health insurance expenses for your review. We bill your insurance company the allowed amount for the equipment we are providing, however we cannot always tell the specifics about your insurance plan or deductible when we are billing; for the most accurate information we suggest calling your insurance plan to discuss CPAP therapy with them and learn more about your out of pocket expenses.
Depending on your insurance company, plan and deductible amount, you may be responsible for 100% of the allowed charges, or 0%, for that reason we highly encourage you to contact your insurance plan for information on your coverage.
Have you had a PAP machine in the past? Has your insurance plan changed recently? Please email us ASAP (and be sure to include your name and date of birth so we can properly locate your records).

Device Rental and “Compliance” 101
Health insurance companies rent the PAP device and purchase the supplies. The devices track your utilization to allow us to review your adherence to therapy and report to the insurance company, as required by their policies. There are variations, but generally speaking you are required to use your device for 4 hours per night at least 70% of the nights for the insurance company to continue paying for the device; if you do not meet compliance your insurance will discontinue payment, at which point you can either return the device or pay for it out of pocket. Insurance companies rent the device, for between 4 and 13 months, after which point you own the device. There will likely be charges (co-payments, deductible charges) every month while the machine is being rented. After it is owned the only charges will be for replenishing supplies through our MyResupply solution. Supplies should be regularly replaced and our solution will ensure you maintain the cleanest and most high functioning supplies possible, with minimal out of pocket expense, for the duration of your therapy - which may well be life long.
Our compliance team and digital solutions are here to help you achieve compliance and all of the wonderful health benefits that come from using your PAP device. We encourage all patients to download the machine manufacturer’s smartphone apps and engage closely with their performance and care.