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CPAP Supplies Inquiry

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Cape Medical patient looking to place an order? Call our CPAP Resupply Center at 877-208-6901.

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Cape Medical Supply is a leading regional provider of PAP therapy products and services.  High quality equipment, skilled personnel and detailed care delivery protocols combine to give you the best therapy experience possible.

Please note that for most insurances we are required to obtain the following prior to dispensing equipment and/or supplies:

- Full Diagnostic Sleep Study   - Year PAP Therapy Initiated   - Date of Last Supply Order  
- Make / Model / Size of Supplies   - Make / Model of PAP Machine

Our specialized team of PAP Intake Coordinators can work with you and your healthcare professionals every step of the way to ensure we have what we need to proceed with supply orders.
For more information on switching to or starting therapy with Cape Medical Supply please email us today!.