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Get Started with AutoPay  (**you will proceed to a secure, encrypted website from here**)


1.      Sign on to www.CapeMedical.com and click on the 'Billpay' link in the top right corner

2.      Click on the 'make payment' image

3.      Click on 'create your profile' and quickly fill out the needed information.

4.      Once complete click on 'user profile' and you can easily add banking information, sign up for AutoPAY and even sign on for eDelivery of invoices.

Cape Medical AutoPay Automatic

Never worry about missing a bill again. AutoPay will automatically have you pay your bill when it comes due - no more remembering to send checks or use the credit card. If your medical needs change, your billing profile changes along with it.

Cape Medical AutoPay Secure

Rest assured that we will never share your payment information with anyone, and that our payment partners utilize state of the art encryption and security measures to ensure your information stays safe and confidential.

Cape Medical AutoPay is Smooth

AutoPay works like paying an automatic toll. You use your equipment and we worry about the billing. You will always receive a notification before we process an automatic payment. Set your profile up once and we'll take care of making sure you get the equipment you need without any billing headaches. If you have any problems, our award winning Customer Service team is ready to assist you.