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Cleaning Your CPAP Supplies - Part 2

Posted on Dec 04, 2018

In addition to regular replacement of your CPAP supplies, cleaning is also critical to ensure the supplies function as needed between resupplies. This piece, by Verywell Health, covers the cleaning processes and recommendations very well and we hope it helps.

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Even with the cleaning you still need to regularly replace your CPAP supplies and the good news there is CPAP supply replacement is covered by insurance companies in New England; Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Network Health Plan, and many others cover the regular replacement of your CPAP supplies. They cover CPAP supply replacement because they too know it leads to better health outcomes and longer term compliance. Manufacturers like Resmed, Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel also recommend regular replacement of CPAP supplies. But your CPAP supply experience is largely dictated by the local partner you receive it from – and if you’re in New England you should be receiving it from Cape Medical Supply.

Our MyResupply program provides the most convenient and user friendly options (plus our smartphone app, coming soon!) available for patients across New England and we look forward to servicing you!