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Medicare Coverage Information

Medicare contractors publish Local Coverage Determinations (LCD's) by region that review the medical necessity and documentation requirements for coverage of Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics and Orthotics (DMEPOS).  These coverage determinations are governed by the Medicare Coverage Database.  The administrator for Medicare in the Northeastern United States, also known as Jurisdication A, is National Government Services (NGS).

Cape Medical Supply is bound by the rules and coverage limitations imposed by Medicare and NGS and we have no authority to work outside the guidelines presented to us.  In the interest of organizing these guidelines for our professional partners we have provided convenient links for the LCD's on commonly ordered and prescribed DMEPOS items below.  Patients must meet the clinical criteria outlined in these guidelines and our organization must adhere to the documentation guidelines outlined therein.  We take great pride in our ethical business practices and unblemished record of delivering compliant, efficacious care for our patients and professional partners.

If we are asking for a piece of documentation, it is most likely because the LCD and Medicare Regulations require us to do so; we appreciate your partnership and support as we continue to deliver high quality care to the patients who meet the criterias laid out herein.  

Medicare LCD for PAP Devices