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Medicare’s DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program

Effective January 1st, 2019, Medicare is indefinetely suspending their "Competitive Bidding" program. Cape Medical Supply will be honored to again work with Medicare patients across MA, RI, NH and ME for their sleep therapy needs!

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On July 1st of 2016 Medicare is implementing the next round of its "Competitive Bidding" Program. They are also applying "Competitive Bidding" rates to non-competitive bidding areas and rural areas. These collective actions will cause further erosion of quality, access issues in certain markets and general difficulty for patients and healthcare professionals who rely on durable medical equipment companies, like Cape Medical Supply, for products and services. Our goal with this page is to provide as much education as possible on the program and explain how you can go about locating a provider for your products and services.

Cape Medical Supply has a partnership in place to service Medicare CPAP Patients, please continue to fax all referrals to us at 508-888-6087.

Cape Medical Supply was not awarded any contracts for Medicare's Round Two Recompete, as such we will not be able to provide services to Medicare patients within the Medicare Competitive Bidding Areas, for products covered by the program, from 7/1/2016 - 12/31/2018. This does not include CPAP and products related to sleep therapy, we have a partnership in place to continue to service these patients within these markets. We have elected to grandfather all existing active rental patients and have notified them. CLICK HERE for more information on Medicare's "Grandfathering" process.

CLICK HERE to utilize Medicare's Zip Code lookup tool. You must enter the zip code of the address the patient receives their Medicare statements at; this is considered their home address and will dictate their treatment under the "Competitive Bidding" program.

Cape Medical Supply has announced a discontinuation of respiratory services to Nantucket Island as a result of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's application of competitive bid rates in rural markets.

Cape Medical Supply's leadership has worked, for over a decade, to inform and educate Federal legislators about the DMEPOS program and dangers of Medicare's "Competitive Bidding" program. We encourage our patients and partners to get involved also; the Federal Government has the authority to fix the problems being caused by this program, to date they have not. Here are some resources;

AAHomecare Competitive Bidding Action Center
Contact Your Elected Officials
Comments of Concerned Auction Experts
Round 1 Market Failure
Medicare Spending Chart

Information from Medicare on the products and services included in the program can be found HERE. If you are familiar with HCPC Codes, a full list of included HCPC Codes can be found HERE.

The affected markets in this region are as follows; HERE is a full list of all national markets covered by this program.

Providence, RI
Bristol County, MA
Boston, MA
Worcester, MA
Springfield, MA
Rockingham and Strafford Counties, NH

Information from the American Association for Homecare on CBA's, rural and non-rural markets is as follows;

New England Urban and Rural Price Reductions

Rhode Island
New Hampshire  

Information From Medicare

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