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Joint Commission Accreditation

Cape Medical Supply is Accredited by the Joint Commission

Cape Medical Supply is Accredited by the Joint CommissionCape Medical Supply, Inc. has been Joint Commission (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) Accredited since 1999 and we are tremendously proud to have continually achieved the high standards set forth by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission works to ensure healthcare organizations, like hospitals, nursing agencies, hospice agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and many others, are doing all the things necessary to ensure patient success and improved outcomes.

Beginning in 2009 accredidation became mandatory for all DME/Respiratory companies; the fact that Cape Medical Supply already had a decade of accredidation at the time of the change demonstrates the organizations continuing dedication to the high quality standards set forth by the The Joint Commission, and our desire to do everything we can to provide the highest levels of service and clinical care possible.

Periodically the organization undergoes a survey by The Joint Commission, whereby we submit to an on-site visit by a Joint Commission representative and undergo a comprehensive review of our practices, procedures and clinical programs; this ensures our ongoing compliance with Joint Commission standards and is an important part of the accreditation process.

To learn more about The Joint Commission, you can visit their website at www.jointcommission.org

If you have any concerns about patient care or safety with Cape Medical Supply, that the organization has not addressed, you are encouraged to contact Cape Medical Supply's Chief Executive Officer at 800-339-3322 ext 2000.

If the concerns cannot be resolved through Cape Medical Supply, you are encouraged to contact the Joint Commission by calling 800-994-6610 or emailing complaint@jcaho.org.