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Cape Medical Supply is an integrated home medical equipment and respiratory care provider, serving New England.  Our broad portfolio of products and services is designed to simplify the process of caring for patients in their homes by offering them healthcare solutions delivered and managed efficiently by an expert organization of healthcare professionals.  In addition to serving individual patients and families in their homes, Cape Medical Supply is also the trusted partner of the leading integrated healthcare systems, physicians and physicians groups, homecare and end of life agencies and also with leading residential facilities, hospitals, and out-patient clinics.  Our dedication to service excellence, strong clinical care, process improvement and our ability to solve problems for our partners has made us the leading company in the region.

Whether you are an individual or family looking for the company who can best address your simple equipment needs, or you are the leader of a complex healthcare organization, Cape Medical Supply has the solution for you.  Please look at the below services for a brief overview of the products and services we provide and also use the tabs above to further explore the specific equipment and programs we offer for our patients and professional partners.  For more information on partnering with Cape Medical Supply, or to set-up a meeting with one of our Business Development professionals, please email us at info@capemedical.net.

Home Respiratory Care

For over 30 years home oxygen and other complex respiratory homecare has been our specialty; we have dedicated clinical professionals on staff to work with patients and family members and our innovative patient care programs ensure the highest quality outcomes for patients, families, physicians and payers.  Sleep Therapy (CPAP & Bi-PAP) and home oxygen are the specific product and service offerings that typically fall under the designation of home respiratory care.

Orthopedic Bracing

Cape Medical Supply offers physician grade orthopedic products to our patient base via a number of unique partnerships and service model arrangements.  At the core of our offerings is a focus on clinical expertise and appropriateness as well as overall value and quality.

Home Medical Equipment

Cape Medical Supply maintains a robust inventory of home medical equipment and a large fleet of GPS enabled vehicles ready to be dispatched to your home or facility to fulfill your medical equipment needs on a moment's notice.  We understand the sense of urgency required and work to exceed your expectations, every day.


The physician community refers their patients to Cape Medical Supply because they know they will be cared for by our staff at home the same way the physicians staff would care for them in the office.  Additionally, our clinical feedback, where necessary, works to further inform physicians on their patient's compliance with orders and their condition at home.

Integrated Healthcare Systems

In an increasingly complex reimbursement environment, integrated healthcare systems are juggling a number of competing priorities focused around the dual mandate of managing cost and managing quality. Cape Medical Supply has sophisticated partnerships with a range of leading integrated healthcare systems; our solutions ensure high quality and low cost and allow our partners to ensure high quality care is being delivered to their patient base during post-acute care management.


When patients are ready to go home from the hospital discharge planners and case managers need a company who can get the job done, quickly and effectively, which is why they turn to Cape Medical Supply to address their needs.  Our large fleet of vehicles, caring staff, and responsiveness combine to create a seamless discharge process.  When you need it done now, you rely on Cape Medical Supply.

What Can We Do For You?

Cape Medical Supply has succeeded, since 1977, by asking this one simple question and then tailoring our programs and offerings to your answer; call today to learn more or experience our special brand of service, responsiveness, and caring first hand - (800) 339-3322