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Smart Service

Healthcare today is being delivered in innovative and exciting ways.  Technology is enabling connectivity between patients, providers and payers in ways that are supporting clinically appropriate care, enhanced patient outcomes and a seamless user experience.  Cape Medical Supply has been an early adopter with several exciting technologies that have proven to support strong clinical outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Healthcare delivery continues to adapt and change within an ever evolving payment and regulatory environment.  Cape Medical Supply believes the organization must continue to adopt proven technologies that support patient care and clinical outcomes.  We pride ourselves on an amazing team of dedicated and qualified employees and we enable the success of that team by marrying elegant processes designed to deliver patient value, with innovative product technologies that support compliance with prescribed therapies and yield the highest quality outcomes possible.

Below are a few examples of our innovations and we look forward to working with your organization to design and implement technologies, processes and care delivery models that support the health and recovery of your patients and the efficiency of your staff.

Sleep Therapy Innovation

Cape Medical Supply provides wireless monitoring technology to all new sleep therapy patients.  This technology is paired with an in-house Registered Respiratory Therapist who is solely focused on monitoring compliance and working with patients to improve their sleep therapy compliance rates.  Our own patients’ compliance rates trend well above industry average and we continue to work with manufacturers and healthcare professionals to deliver enhancements that will support further progress.

In addition to our therapy compliance program Cape Medical Supply has detailed care delivery processes that start the moment you refer a new patient to us.  Our intake function has specific expertise in sleep therapy payer guidelines, our patients receive convenient and informative initiation of therapy from a state licensed respiratory therapist, their compliance is monitored and changes can be made remotely to assist with comfort and once patients are compliant we have innovative supply replenishment programs in place to ensure they receive the supplies they need to continue their therapy in comfort.

Home Oxygen Innovation

Cape Medical Supply was founded in 1977 as a home oxygen company and since then we have seen the industry evolve to a point that home oxygen patients can now lead safe and comfortable lives in the community with innovative oxygen delivery technologies at their side throughout the day.  Cape Medical Supply provides all patients with clinically and lifestyle appropriate equipment after being evaluated by a state licensed respiratory therapist. 

Most patients receive a home oxygen delivery system that allows them to refill portable oxygen tanks easily and safely in the comfort of their own home.  This additional investment, at no additional cost to the patient or insurance network, provides enhanced compliance with prescribed therapies and allows patients to live comfortably and independently knowing they control their oxygen therapy supplies and needs.  Additionally, because of our broad geographic coverage, we are able to provide patients with immediate response in the event of interrupted power supplies, natural disasters, or basic questions and needs.

Orthopedic Innovation

Cape Medical Supply provides the highest quality orthopedic soft goods on the market today through an innovative partnership with a leading orthopedic manufacturer.  We partner with integrated healthcare systems to provide accountable solutions in emergency departments and other critical care settings, which support the efficient delivery and application of products and minimize expense to the healthcare system.  The application and investment in this technology allows healthcare providers to do what they do best, focus on delivering care to the patients, while Cape Medical Supply manages inventory, patient information and interaction as well as post-discharge billing and communications.

This technology enabled solution has been widely adopted by innovative healthcare systems across New England and Cape Medical Supply has lead the way in introducing this product suite and process solution to healthcare leaders in the region.