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Service, Quality, Personality

Healthcare service providers are defined by their people and their processes.  The method care is delivered and monitored is critical to ensuring patients receive a clinical benefit from that care.  Cape Medical Supply understands this and everything from our hiring and training procedures, to our business processes, and our continuous improvement efforts are designed to support excellence in the healthcare solutions marketplace.

Cape Medical Supply has been providing continuous care in the homecare products marketplace since 1977.  During that time we have touched hundreds of thousands of patients and worked with tens of thousands of professional partners, we have built upon this depth of experience to ensure each patient and professional interaction we have is a positive one, whether we are managing complex home respiratory problems or providing the simple delivery and setup of a cane. 

The experience you have with a healthcare organization is uniquely defined by the people you interact with and those people need to be supported by a sophisticated organization that is dedicated to the consistent delivery of high quality care; Cape Medical Supply is that organization.

It starts with a family ownership structure that has been in place since our inception.  Our ownership group takes great pride in the team we have in place to work with you and we understand that we must innovate every day to provide that team with the skills, training, processes and support required to allow them to unleash their unique talents and experience.  Our ownership team also understands that different organizations have different needs and expectations and we ensure our entire team is empowered to meet those needs.  There are no calls to corporate, or approvals from a board; we are ready and willing to meet your needs, on your terms and all of our team members take great pride in doing so.

Consistent ownership has created an environment where team members feel empowered to deliver truly extraordinary care and they understand their best talents are well represented in their work with Cape Medical Supply.  That feeling of ownership drives long term retention and a depth of experience that is second to none in the home medical equipment marketplace.  The individuals you interact with are supported by strong processes, focused on continuous improvement and take tremendous pride in helping you. 

Cape Medical Supply has also benefitted from tremendous growth, which has brought us more opportunities to hire top tier staff to work with our partners.  New hires benefit from a rigorous training program rooted in a focus on total organizational excellence.  Our training is focused on the needs of our customers and the challenges they face.  Whether you are dealing with the results of a traumatic injury or needing a partner here right now to treat a sleep apnea patient, the team members you interact with at Cape Medical Supply have been trained to understand that need and empowered to act to solve it.

Learn more about our management team here.  Cape Medical Supply looks forward to directing the energy of our team to assist you in solving the problems and challenges you face.