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Delivery & Setup

Cape Medical Supply understands that the initial delivery and instruction for the equipment we carry is critical to patient success and compliance.  We focus on meeting the unique needs of the markets we serve and are aware that our processes and competencies are critical to obtaining maximum value for the prescribed products and therapies.

Each customer constituency has unique needs when it comes to the initial delivery and setup and we have laid out the specific competitive advantages for each here.

Patients and Families

We enter our patients’ lives at a challenging time, typically following a new diagnosis or an event requiring an acute care stay.  When Cape Medical Supply comes into the picture our patients and their families are often focused on managing a transition in care, a new care setting or a new therapy regime.  Our experienced personnel operates with compassion and efficiency to ensure our patients and their family members are familiar with the equipment, therapy and products they will be using, understand their financial responsibility for those products so there are no surprises and understand our process for delivering care. 

When you choose Cape Medical Supply you are choosing to work with a company filled with compassionate and caring healthcare experts who are dedicated to your success.  All of our professionals are uniquely qualified to fulfill their roles and best teach and explain to patients and families how to use and benefit from the equipment we are delivering.

Efficient care, a clear process for success and a caring team of experts are a few of the unique capabilities we bring to bear when providing those you care about with healthcare solutions.

Healthcare Professionals

You have a lot on your plate.

Healthcare professionals today are being asked to do more than ever before and you rely on partners to handle post-acute care needs efficiently to ensure your patients ongoing success.  Cape Medical Supply is uniquely positioned across our territory to ensure rapid delivery to your facility or your patients home, we are staffed with a team of professionals who are ready to make a positive first impression and our in-house team is ready to help you navigate the various rules and regulations imposed on our market by our extensive network of payer partners.

When you make a referral you need confidence that the organization you are referring your patients to is competent and ready to move immediately to fulfill your needs, Cape Medical Supply is that organization and we look forward to partnering with you to ensure your patients succeed.

Health Insurers and Managed Care Organizations

The health insurance marketplace is extremely competitive and payers are increasingly looking to build a tailored network of providers who can provide excellent value to the payer and to the subscribers who rely on you to manage their healthcare purchasing needs.  Cape Medical Supply participates in a number of tailored care networks and we deliver unique value to each one by ensuring your patients receive the highest quality care and responsiveness possible and that you receive a good return on your investment in medical equipment.

Our expertise goes far beyond the selection and delivery of high quality equipment; our professional staff is prepared to manage a rules based environment and customize business processes to meet your networks evolving needs.  Our service, quite simply, provides a positive reflection on your network management.

If you are a healthcare provider seeking to build or refine your network of medical equipment providers in New England, Cape Medical Supply is prepared to deliver value that goes far beyond the price you pay for products and services.


Whether you are a patient, individual consumer, healthcare professional or insurance executive, Cape Medical Supply has a solution or process to meet your needs.  Please contact us today to learn more about how a partnership with Cape Medical Supply can benefit you and meet your unique needs.