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CPAP and CPAP Supplies

Your Patients Set Up With Our Industry Leading Visual Learning Program

Whether your patients are set up at home, at one of our offices or our on-demand SleepExpress locations, every patient is set up by a licensed respiratory technician utilizing our industry-leading Visual Learning Program. Designed over the course of 6 months in 2015 and rigorously tested by our patients and respiratory technicians, the Visual Learning Program is a carefully designed, standardized training regimen ensuring that all patients receive the same high-quality training from an expert technician. The Visual Learning Program utilizes colorful, vivid visual aids to help patients visualize how to set up and use their sleep therapy equipment and is paired with hands-on experiences with PAP machines and careful attention and instruction from their technician. Every patient is set up on auto-titrating machines with wireless tracking capabilities.

Additionally, each patient is sent home with an easy to follow packet of information about their sleep therapy, including a quick reference and troubleshooting guide for maintenance and common home repairs of their sleep therapy equipment. Patients are encouraged to utilize the guide to help them learn how to use their equipment and to accelerate their meeting compliance guidelines.


Expert Patient Support For Life

When something does go wrong with a patient or the data indicates that they are having difficulty utilizing their machines, our Compliance Support Team is here to help. The Compliance Support Team is a specialized team within our respiratory department dedicated to ensuring that our sleep therapy patients are using their therapy properly and getting the most out of it. Every patient is called by a member of the Compliance Support Team 72 hours after being set up on sleep therapy. When wireless tracking alerts the Compliance Support Team to patients who may be having issues with their sleep therapy, a member of the team reaches out by phone to help the patient. Patients can dial in to our Compliance Support Team directly, making it easier than ever before for them to get the help they need. If patients need to see a technician in person, they can make an appointment to visit any of our three full-service Sleep Therapy Centers or four on-demand SleepExpress locations for in-person service.


Easy Resupply and Bill Payment

Ensuring that patients have a constant supply of new, functioning supplies for their sleep therapy machines is one of the most important parts of successful sleep therapy. Our innovative and industry leading MyResupply program allows our patients to register their email address to reorder their supplies online quickly and accurately. Patients have countless options for bill payment, including traditional paper bills, pay by phone and our online Bill Pay and AutoPay options. With the AutoPay options, we can automatically collect payments on a regular monthly schedule so your patients never have to worry about forgetting a bill again.

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