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We Are Hiring

Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Cape Medical Supply is continuing to expand our reach and service for CPAP patients across New England, and we need respiratory therapists to assist with growth!

Physicians and sleep labs across New England rely on Cape Medical Supply to provide service for their CPAP and CPAP supply patients. Our promise is to service all of these patients with state licensed respiratory therapists – and we need more to keep up with growing demand.

Typical days are spent in clinic working with patients to fit their CPAP machines, adjust their CPAP supplies and ensure their experience with sleep therapy is a good one. Our industry leading focus on visual learning programs sets these patients up for success, from day 1.

We also have in-house therapists who primarily work in telemedicine roles, interfacing with patients over the phone to ensure their therapy is successful.

We have a 40+ year track record of growth and success and we look forward to talking with you about how you can support our future growth!