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WBZ-TV Shines a Spotlight on Competitive Bidding Problems

Posted on Aug 07, 2014

Medicare's competitive bidding program continues to fail our nations seniors and healthcare providers, much as has been repeatedly predicted by leaders within our industry.

Their inability to properly manage the competitive bidding program is quickly becoming a national crisis for the frail and elderly who rely on medical equipment to live safely and independently in the community. Homecare is an essential part of maintaining a high-quality and cost-effective healthcare continuum; unfortunately Medicare policies are compromising this critical part of our nations healthcare delivery system.

This failure leads to heartbreaking cases, like what is described in this story, and also shifts care to higher cost settings. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid must act with a sense of sincerity and urgency to fix these critical issues and restore the public trust, rather than try and accelerate the implementation of a set of prices and policies that are clearly destroying an entire healthcare sub-sector.

We will continue to fight to restore access to high quality equipment and providers. The message to Medicare must be clear: Failure to fix the program is unacceptable and puts patients at risk, and that the current issues facing beneficiaries within competitive bidding areas are entirely the result of a failed set of policies the agency created.