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Take a Tour of Our New Site Features

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

As our company continues to grow and our patient list changes and expands, more and more of them are heading online to pay their bill, place a resupply order or find an answer about a confusing part of their care. Designed in 2013, the original CapeMedical.com was designed to be a business-to-business facing site, showcasing our new brand and revamped operations to our professional partners. Over time, we heard from more and more of our patients that they were heading online to find key phone numbers, answers to their insurance questions and tips on how to adjust to their CPAP therapy.

In keeping with our corporate philosophy or providing consistent care at every point, we had to adjust. Take a tour of our new site to get a feel for some of our newest features and redesigned pages:


FAQs - Answers Faster Than Ever

When it comes to healthcare almost everything can be confusing to patients. Whether it’s a question about insurance, billing, or how to use therapy, it’s important that patients find their answers - even though it can be frustrating for them to do so! Our customer service team fields hundreds of calls a day from our patients - many of them for answers to simple questions - which, unfortunately, the answers aren’t always obvious to. 

Our new site takes a big step towards solving these problems! In conjunction with our marketing team and web developers, we designed our new FAQ page format. This new page category highlights 5 of the top questions in a particular category such as insurance, CPAP therapy, or how homecare works, and can be replicated across every part of the site. 

We spent a lot of time workshopping the language used on each of these pages, testing them with our customer service team to ensure that they sounded like a patient asking the question. The questions we chose to highlight were sourced from surveys of our customer service staff to ensure that they matched the top inquiries they received from patients calling in. 

Check out our current FAQ pages:

- CPAP Setup
- Health Insurance FAQ
- Questions for Healthcare Professionals
- General Homecare FAQs


Locations Page

Sometimes a simple edit can go a long way! With the ever increasing creep of mobile phones into every age demographic, and wonderful GPS driven apps such as Google Maps, Waze and others, getting around has never been easier. Our old locations page was straightforward - a photo of a map with our locations on it and a list of addresses, which a user would have to tap on a mobile phone, launch a maps app and key in their directions. In line with our goal to increase efficiency and reduce clicks to a goal, we replaced the non-interactive map with an interactive Google Map with our locations displayed as pins, which a user can tap or click and quickly get directions to one of our full-service or SleepExpress locations.


Efficient Contact Us Page 

When we looked at our website analytics, we were somewhat surprised by what we found: the boring, ho-hum contact us page was one of the top 5 most-viewed pages! After a little analysis, it was easy to see why. Whether you’re a patient or a healthcare professional, calling for an answer is often the most effective way to get your issue resolved. Though our 800 number is prominently featured on our homepage, almost everyone was clicking through to the contact us page to find the direct line for the department that they thought they needed. 

Our contact us page was like many others across the web - text heavy, filled with boring mumbo-jumbo and, more importantly, organized by business line, rather than a user goal. A “user goal” would be what the end result of the call was - a question about CPAP, resolving a bill, troubleshooting an equipment issue, etc. We had organized our old page like we had organized our business - which made sense to us, but few others. 

Our new page is a complete departure from contact us pages of the past. Organized by user goal and with ample visual aids, the new page is meant to cut down on user confusion and accelerate their journey towards their answer. With simple prompts like “To pay your bill,” “To schedule a CPAP appointment,” and “Quick answers to common homecare questions,” the new contact us page sends patients directly to the webpage or phone number that will best answer their needs. 


A secondary goal of the contact us page is to reduce the number of calls we receive for simple, common homecare questions. In conjunction with the FAQ pages, informational blog posts and rewritten topic-specific pages, the new Contact Us page directs users to the pages where their answers are. As the new functional “hub” of our site, our hope is that this page will be a living, breathing page that is updated as visitors needs change and new questions pop up to the top.

Is there a feature missing from our page that you’d like to see us add? Let us know!