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Change Your CPAP Supplier

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Change can be hard. Even when something just isn’t working for you there can be significant barriers to change and impediments to getting to where you want to be. That is doubly true in healthcare, where a myriad of rules and regulations make things that much more difficult. But, sometimes there is a better way to make change and sometimes all that effort can pay off with years of satisfaction to follow.

That’s what we think about CPAP supplies – a lot of patients are trapped with providers that they are unhappy with. They don’t have the tools or technology to compete in the 21st century, don’t offer basic online services or just can’t meet their service requirements.

Maybe it was a function of Medicare’s competitive bidding program and they got trapped with a supplier for CPAP supplies without much choice (that all ends January 1st 2019!). Maybe their physician or sleep lab sent them to a company who brought them nice cookies, rather than real results. There are a bunch of reasons why CPAP supply patients end up with companies they aren’t happy with…and soon there will be an easy way to change over to Cape Medical Supply and benefit from our ever improving MyResupply platform.

CPAP supply replacement is covered by insurance companies in New England; Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Network Health Plan, and many others cover the regular replacement of your CPAP supplies. They cover CPAP supply replacement because they too know it leads to better health outcomes and longer term compliance. Manufacturers like Resmed, Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel also recommend regular replacement of CPAP supplies. But your CPAP supply experience is largely dictated by the local partner you receive it from – and if you’re in New England you should be receiving it from Cape Medical Supply.

Stay tuned for an easier bridge to a brighter future when it comes to ordering your CPAP supplies. We know you want to switch and we look forward to assisting!