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Buy Your Travel CPAP Machine Today!

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Today’s store spotlight is on the Z1 Travel CPAP device, available for purchase in our convenient online store today!

Verywell Health has a great article on travel CPAP machines as you begin your research.

The Z1 is very popular with Cape Medical Supply’s patients who travel frequently and are looking for a travel device that is light, quiet, and economical. The Z1 is also popular because of the variety of battery options available for travelers who are frequently away from power sources. When it comes to your CPAP supplies there is also a benefit there, as the Z1 is compatible with all mask and tubing combinations.

Travel CPAPs are not covered by insurance, but he Z1 is affordable, reliable and if you are a CPAP user who travels frequently, you will find the Z1 a great addition to your sleep therapy solutions!

Check out the Z1 today and see how affordable a travel CPAP device can be for you!