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40 Years in the Making: Cape Medical Supply Approaches its 40th Birthday

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Six months from now, we will be celebrating our official ‘birthday’ - the day that Mark & Nancy Sheehan got the crazy idea to start a medical supply company out of the garage of their rented home in Mashpee, Massachusetts. As Cadillac showed in one of our favorite super bowl ads of all time, some of the best things have started in garages, and our company is no different! We have come a long way since then, and over the next few months, we’re going to have some fun looking back at Cape Medical Supply (and the world) through the years and comparing it to where we are now!


Then: Two employees
Now: 80 employees

Believe it or not, but Cape Medical Supply was run by just two people from 1977-1984 - Mark & Nancy Sheehan! Those years are a far cry from today’s company, where we have 80 employees spread across four states, and are constantly running out of employee parking at our Sandwich, MA headquarters. Mark & Nancy worked their you-know-whats off getting the company off the ground, and raising the next generation of Sheehans and Cape Medical ownership at the same time. The first new staff member was hired in 1985, and five more were added before 1989; many of whom are still working with us today!


Then: One (really stylish) van
Now: Over 20 delivery trucks and company cars in the fleet

Fast and accurate delivery has been a cornerstone of Cape Medical Supply since day one. Back in the day, this was accomplished with a used Chevy delivery van that racked up an utterly-uncountable number of miles delivering medical supplies from the canal to Provincetown and back again. Now, our vehicles can be seen on the road anywhere form the Connecticut border to Portland, Maine and their location is constantly monitored and updated by GPS. The entire fleet is tracked from our Sandwich headquarters, ensuring that necessary medical supplies are delivered on time and cost-effectively by one of the largest independently-owned homecare companies in New England.


Then: Average cost of a gallon of gas: 65 cents
Now: Average cost of a gallon of gas: $2.25 per gallon

40 years ago, the cost of fuel was a minor consideration in Cape Medical Supply’s bottom line. Today? It’s an area we’re constantly trying to find efficiency in! Our drivers are constantly reporting back with feedback on the most efficient routes, and we’re always tweaking and updating how we deliver supplies and care to our thousands of patients.


Then: #1 Pop Single 1977 - Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - Rod Stewart
Now: #1 Pop Single 2017 (so far) - Starboy - The Weeknd (featuring Daft Punk)

Yeah, sometimes we miss the good old days!